Our 6th album is now available!


Discover “J’ai mal à mon folklore”.
This album marks our 20th anniversary! Already! We’re pushing our musical complicity even further, with a sound reminiscent of 70s progressive rock/rock bands. Discover our unique, raw signature on these 10 tracks. Enjoy listening!


Credits :
Eric Beaudry: Irish bouzouki, guitar, vocals and feet
Pierre-Luc Dupuis: harmonica, accordion, Jew’s harp, vocals and feet
David Boulanger: fiddle, vocals and feet
Arrangements & production: De Temps Antan
Sound engineering and mixing: Charles-Émile Beaudin
Recording studio: Studio de la Côte Jaune
Mastering: LAB Mastering by Marc Thériault
Label: La Compagnie du Nord
Musicaction SODEC InTempo Larissa Media Relations